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Workers Compensation Basics

What Injuries and Illnesses Does Workers Compensation Cover?

Who Can Receive Workers Compensation Benefits?

What Benefits Can An Injured Employee Receive?

What Are the Employee's Rights?

What Are the Employee's Obligations?

How Do I Start a Claim?

Why Haven't I Received My Benefits Yet?

Do I Have A Workers Compensation Claim?

Was There An Accident?

Was There An Injury?

Mental and Emotional Injuries

Occupational Diseases and Illnesses

Did the Accident Cause the Injury?

Back and Spine
Heart Disease
Mental Injuries

Aggravations of Pre-Existing Conditions

Post-Accident Complications

In the Course of Employment

Traveling Employees
Employees Not Actually Working
Outside of Work Duties
Employees' Improper Actions 

Arising Out of the Employment

Risks Not Caused by the Employee
Risks Caused by the Employee

Independent Contractors

Employee or Independent Contractor?
Independent Contractors Not Covered
Independent Contractors Who Are Covered
Manual Laborers Who Are Independent Contractors

Types of Workers Compensation Injuries and Illnesses

Common Types of Physical Injuries

Common Types of Accidents Causing Physical Injuries

Common Types of Illnesses and Disease

Fatal Work Accidents

Scarring, Disfigurement, and Permanent Injuries

Lost Wage (Indemnity) Benefits

Proof of Disability

When Should Lost Wage Benefits Start?

How Long Do Lost Wage Benefits Last?

Types of Lost Wage (Indemnity) Benefits

Temporary Total Disability Benefits
Supplemental Earnings Benefits
Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
Permanent Total Disability Benefits

How to Calculate Lost Wage (Indemnity) Benefits

Hourly Basis
Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal or Annual Basis
Bonuses, Tips and Fringe Benefits
Employees of More than One Employer
Unit, Piecework, Commission, or Other Payment Basis
Employees Who Supply Equipment or Helpers
Employees Paid Out of Profit

Death Benefits

Medical Benefits

Selecting Doctors

Getting Medical Care Approved

Second Medical Opinions

Independent Medical Examinations

Travel and Prescription Expenses

Reasons for Denials of Medical Benefits

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

How Does Vocational Rehabilitation Work?

Basic Steps in Vocational Rehabilitation 
Rights and Responsibilities in Vocational Rehabilitation
The Rules of Vocational Rehabilitation
Employee Goals in Vocational Rehabilitation
Employer Goals in Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation is a Farce and a Trap 

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Impairment Ratings

Labor Market Surveys 

Work Status (Light Duty versus Full Duty)

How to Handle Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Disputes

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Time Limits for Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

How to File a Workers Compensation Claim

Who is My Employer's Workers Compensation Insurer?

Adverse Actions By Your Insurer or Employer

Bad Faith Denial of Benefits

Improper Termination of Benefits

Fraud Defense 

Drug and Alcohol Intoxication Defense 

Video Surveillance

Termination of Employment

Louisiana Workers Compensation Courts

Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation

Filing An Appeal

Mediation Conferences and Trials


Settlements in Workers Compensation

Louisiana Workers Compensation Settlement Laws

Settlement Options

Maximizing Your Settlement

Should the Employee Settle?

Factors to Consider Before Settling

When is the Right Time to Settle?

What is the Right Amount to Settle For?

Our Workers Compensation Settlement Results

Third Party Claims and Issues

Underlying Personal Injury Claims

Medicare Set Aside (MSA)

Second Injury Board

Social Security Issues

Do You Need an Attorney?

Reasons You Need an Attorney

Goals for Your Attorney

Attorney Fees and Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms and Resources

Our Workers Compensation Case Results

Our Workers Compensation Client Reviews

Our Free Workers Compensation Consultations

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