What Are My Rights Under Louisiana Workers Compensation?

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Rights of Injured Workers in Louisiana

Under Louisiana workers compensation, an injured employee is entitled to:

    • Coverage of reasonable and necessary medical treatment, care, testing, and medications; 
    • The employee's own choice of treating physician in each specialty of medicine;
    • Indemnity (or lost wage) benefits when the employee is unable to earn at least 90% of pre-injury wages;
    • Vocational rehabilitation benefits if the employee is unable to earn 100% of pre-injury wages;
    • A lump sum payment for certain permanent partial disability injuries;
    • Mileage reimbursement for medical or pharmacy travel; and
    • Penalties and attorney's fees, when the employee is improperly denied his or her rights.


How An Injured Workers Can Protect Their Rights 

An injured employee can best protect his or her legal rights in Louisiana by:

    • Immediately reporting the accident to a supervisor;
    • Seeking appropriate medical attention right away, and not waiting for the employer;
    • Providing a complete and accurate medical and accident history to each and every medical provider;
    • Communicating clearly with each and every medical provider, and closely follow each physician's instructions;
    • Keeping a written record of all miles traveled for medical treatment and pharmacy visits; and
    • Speaking with a qualified Louisiana workers compensation attorney. 

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