A lawyer I could trust.

I was involved in a difficult succession proceeding for five years before I met Peter Diiorio.  I had been through numerous attorneys on the matter, all of which I gave many thousands of dollars and received nothing in return as far as results.  The other lawyers would either not be willing to go to court, or go to court and lose.  I was at my wit's end in this very important matter.  Peter was a breath of fresh air.  He told me exactly what needed to be done, how he was going to do it, and how much it was going to cost.  And then he proceeded to do just that right away.  He was meticulous and persistent, and not afraid to go into Court and argue strongly on my behalf.  His hard work and attention to detail really paid off and got the results that I needed. He went into Court and had the old succession representative removed due to her bad actions and delay in handling the succession.  He then took over the succession, and did everything necessary to prompt liquidate the assets and distribute the funds.  He even got me reimbursed past expenses from five years earlier, and had my legal bills paid out of the estate.  Also, I live in California, but Peter was easily able to handle everything for me in Louisiana.  It was no problem because when I call him, Peter always takes the call or gets back to me right away.  I knew Peter was a lawyer I could trust, and I knew that he really cared about me and my case.  If I had not found Peter lord know where I would be with my succession case.  I very highly recommend Peter Diiorio as a terrific hard-working honest attorney.

– John Laurant

Putting Our Clients First

Our clients always come first. Putting our clients first means we always offer free consultations, and free off-street parking, just one block off the highway in New Orleans. Putting our clients first also means we have a strict 24-hour communications policy, wherein our clients’ phone calls are always returned within 24 hours, if not sooner. That also means that our clients never have an issue getting through to their attorney, whether on the phone or in person.

A Proven Track Record of Success

We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients in personal injury claims, auto accidents, and insurance claims. The reason that our opponents settle our clients’ cases for full value is because they know we prepare all our clients’ cases for trial from the start. In fact, we are known for not being afraid to take cases to trial, and thus our opponents know they are in for a fight when going against our clients.