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We welcome you to contact New Orleans Legal today to schedule a free consultation with attorney Peter Diiorio to discuss your situation, to find out what your options are, and to learn how to protect yourself and your interests.  Mr. Diiorio is more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your situation face-to-face, so that you may find out what options you have based on the specific facts of your case.  

All Our Consultations Are Always Free.

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All our consultations are free – always.  No matter what type of case you have or the problem you are facing, there is no charge and no obligation for any consultation with New Orleans Legal.

To request a free consultation with Mr. Diiorio personally, please contact us by telephone at (504) 897-5580, or simply complete the below contact form.

Mr. Diiorio will assess your situation and explain the legal details of your case in plain English. If we can help you, we'll passionately work to take your case as far as necessary to win justice on your behalf.  If we can't help you, we'll level with you honestly and you will be under no obligation.


Putting Our Clients First

Our clients always come first. Putting our clients first means we always offer free consultations, and free off-street parking, just one block off the highway in New Orleans. Putting our clients first also means we have a strict 24-hour communications policy, wherein our clients’ phone calls are always returned within 24 hours, if not sooner. That also means that our clients never have an issue getting through to their attorney, whether on the phone or in person.

A Proven Track Record of Success

We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients in personal injury claims, auto accidents, and insurance claims. The reason that our opponents settle our clients’ cases for full value is because they know we prepare all our clients’ cases for trial from the start. In fact, we are known for not being afraid to take cases to trial, and thus our opponents know they are in for a fight when going against our clients.