Our Beliefs

We believe in always listening closely to our clients about their concerns throughout the legal process.

We believe in recognizing our clients' goals early on in the legal process, so that we can provide them the best individualized strategy to achieve their desired outcome.

We believe in aggressive representation, in and out of the courtroom, to solve the problems of our clients, and to make things right for our clients.

We believe in providing our clients with close personal attention, which means answering all our clients' questions, meeting with our clients as often as they wish, and doing everything possible to treat our clients the way we would like to be treated if we were the client.

We believe in providing our clients with immediate access, which means if we are in the office and available when you call, we will speak with you immediately, and if we are out of the office or with a client, we will return your call as soon as possible.

We believe in promptly returning phone calls and quickly responding to our clients' requests.

We believe in continuing to update our clients as to the progress of their matter, and helping them to understand the legal process.


Ready for Trial

A settlement can often be a favorable outcome to a personal injury case, and negotiation skills are critical to handling any dispute. But if negotiations fail, New Orleans Legal is prepared to take our clients’ cases to trial or appeal, if necessary. In fact, we are known for not being afraid to take cases to trial, and thus its opponents know they are in for a fight when going against him. Within all legal and ethical bounds, our firm holds nothing back in representing our clients’ interests.

A Proven Track Record of Success

We have successfully litigated and resolved millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. Whether in insurance claims, property damage, premise liability, auto accidents, or bad faith claims, we have consistently taken on "the big guys" and won. We have an extensive record of success, representing individuals and small businesses, in personal injury and civil litigation matters.