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New Orleans Legal, LLC

At New Orleans Legal, we are a personal injury and civil litigation trial practice dedicated to solving problems and making things right. 

In all matters, we strive to provide our clients with individualized attention, diligent representation, and prompt communication.  We've seen the toll that litigation takes on people, and it's our goal to get our clients through the litigation process as efficiently as possible, while delivering the results they want and deserve.

We put our clients first, and we stand ready to meet the needs of our clients immediately. 

If our clients have been injured, we promptly get them the medical care they need.  We will finance their case entirely, so that our clients never have to pay us out of their pocket, not even for their medical expenses.  And we will do everything in our power to get them their maximum recovery, including money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and other losses.

If our clients are facing a legal problem or an insurance dispute, we promptly take the necessary legal action to provide them the relief they need.  Again, our clients don't have to come to us with any money.  We will finance their case entirely, so that our clients never have to pay us out of their pocket.  And we will take immediate and aggressive action to solve our clients' problems. In the case of a legal dispute or an insurance claim, that means recovering the maximum amount for our clients, whether that's in a business dispute, a succession dispute, or a bad-faith insurance claim.

A Team Effort

We work seamlessly with our team of professionals to meet the needs of our clients.  This team includes a network of first-rate medical doctors and medical professionals who stand ready to treat our clients immediately, so that our clients receive the proper care they deserve right away and without delay. 

Our team also includes top-notch investigators, so that no stone is left unturned in the investigation of our clients' cases. 

Finally, our team consists of a network of leading experts to support our clients' cases, including medical, accident-reconstruction, life-planning, construction, and insurance experts.  We work tirelessly with our team of professionals to ensure that our clients receive the best possible legal outcome, whether in settlement or at trial. 

Our Practice Areas

We represent Louisiana individuals, families, and small businesses in the following areas:

Personal Injury

We help people who have been injured.  That means people who have been involved in car accidents, trucking accidents, biking accidents or pedestrian accidents, including accidents involving drinking and driving claims, and underinsured and uninsured motorist claims. 

We also help folks who have been injured in slip and fall, trip and fall, and other premise liability matters, including unsafe conditions created by foreign substances, or construction defects, or design defects. 

Workers Compensation

We also help people who have been injured while at work.  These types of cases are referred to as workers compensation cases.  We make sure these folks who are injured at work receive their lost wages, get all their medical bills paid, receive whatever medical care they choose for their injuries, and obtain a fair and beneficial settlement.

Insurance Disputes

We also help people who are involved in insurance disputes.  That means we step in aggressively when insurance companies refuse to pay the full amount – or any amount – of what they are supposed to pay. 

This includes helping folks whose home or property has been damaged by a hurricane, flood, fire, tornado, or another disaster. It also includes recovering money for people who are beneficiaries of life insurance policies.  Or really when any type of insurance company denies coverage, meaning that they say you aren't covered and deserve nothing. 

We also aggressively handle “bad faith” claims against insurance companies on behalf of our clients.  These “bad faith” claims can result in an award of 200% penalties plus attorney's fees for failing to accurately and timely evaluate and pay insurance claims. 


We also help people who need help with successions, especially when there are disputes at issue.  This process is often referred to as the “probate” process, or as “probate litigation” when disputes are involved.  We help both succession representations and heirs, and we help anyone asserting a claim to become either a succession representation or an heir.  

General Civil Litigation

We also help people who have problems that, if not resolved between the parties, need to go to court.  Broadly speaking, these types of cases are referred to as general civil litigation.  Most often, we try to stay out of court if possible, but if that's not possible, we do not hesitate to go into court to resolve the problems as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  Just some of the examples of the general civil litigation we handle are:

    • Business disputes;
    • Contract disputes;
    • Fraud and theft cases, either in a personal situation or a business environment;
    • Defending a lawsuit from another person or business;
    • Forcing a bank to return funds improperly taken from a client's account;
    • Property co-ownership disputes; and
    • Denial of money or property you are entitled to.

Contact Us for A Free Consultation

To request a free consultation with attorney Peter Diiorio personally, please contact us by telephone at (504) 897-5580, or simply complete our contact form.

No matter what type of case you have or the problem you are facing, there is no charge and no obligation for any consultation with New Orleans Legal.  In fact, we do not charge for any consultations – ever. 

Mr. Diiorio will assess your situation and explain the legal details of your case in plain English. If we can help you, we'll passionately work to take your case as far as necessary to win justice on your behalf.  If we can't help you, we'll level with you honestly, and you will be under no obligation.

Mr. Diiorio is available for consultations either on the telephone or in person.  If our location is not convenient for you, we will arrange to meet with you at a location that is convenient for you.  If regular business hours are not convenient for you, we will arrange to meet or speak with you at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Client Focused

    At New Orleans Legal, we are always available to our clients. We provide highly individualized attention to each and every client we represent. That means taking the time to listen and understand each client’s distinct needs and goals, to thoroughly explain their case to our clients, including all available options.

  • Results Driven

    Once we understand what each client expects and desires, and the client decides on an individual course of action, we aggressively represent each client to achieve the specific results the client demands. And we have the track record to prove it.

  • Personalized Communications

    We work with each of our clients to develop the communications approach that works best for him or her. Unless they choose otherwise, our clients are always kept aware and informed of their case, from start to finish, by their attorney, not by a paralegal or a secretary.

  • Free Consultations, Free Parking

    No matter what type of case or problem, there is no charge and no obligation for any consultation with New Orleans Legal. In fact, we do not charge for any consultations – ever. Plus, we provide free off-street parking, and are located just one block off the highway in New Orleans.

Putting Our Clients First

Our clients always come first. Putting our clients first means we always offer free consultations, and free off-street parking, just one block off the highway in New Orleans. Putting our clients first also means we have a strict 24-hour communications policy, wherein our clients’ phone calls are always returned within 24 hours, if not sooner. That also means that our clients never have an issue getting through to their attorney, whether on the phone or in person.

A Proven Track Record of Success

We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements for our clients in personal injury claims, auto accidents, and insurance claims. The reason that our opponents settle our clients’ cases for full value is because they know we prepare all our clients’ cases for trial from the start. In fact, we are known for not being afraid to take cases to trial, and thus our opponents know they are in for a fight when going against our clients.